Passionate about Bringing more European Tourism to Yorkshire

Helping your business attract German-speakers

​Paul Kirby, Business Owner

& Elke Goebel, Project Assistant

PK Marketing has built up a wealth of experience over the last 5 years, working with many businesses and organisations promoting the great county of Yorkshire and its public transport.

Our aim is quite simply to meet the customer's needs and expectations, providing a high standard work at a reasonable price.

Creating imaginative and high-quality printed material for the tourism and public transport industries has been the focus of PK Marketing’s work in recent years. We have noticed recently that more could be done to promote Yorkshire to the foreign visitor, particularly by translating tourist information into German.

You may ask why. Please read on.   

Reasons for Promoting Your Business to German-Speakers

There is a huge untapped market of German-speakers who would like to visit Britain and experience more than just London. We must tempt them to venture further north by promoting the Yorkshire countryside, quality accommodation, activities, heritage and friendly people.  We must make it easy for them, primarily by providing information in their own language to make them feel welcome and valued.

These are the facts, with a little comment:

  1. There are about 100 million German-speakers in Europe, mainly from Germany, Switzerland & Austria

  2. The weak Pound makes the UK an attractive travel choice for Europeans

  3. Estimates vary but up to half of German adults have no or poor English language skills

  4. Germany is ranked 3rd in global rankings for international tourist expenditure. Austria is their favourite destination.
    – let’s give them more of a choice

  5. Visit Britain is promoting Yorkshire to German-speakers by translating their website pages into German on York, the Dales & the Moors

  6. Visit York is also targeting our European friends with a marketing campaign

  7. There are over 180 direct flights a week to Manchester airport from Germany, Austria & Switzerland, mostly on cheaper airlines like Easyjet and Ryanair
    – let’s tempt more German-speakers over the Pennines

  8. Most foreign tourists are willing to travel 2-3 hours from London to explore other parts of Britain - well within journey times times for the 70+ trains a day to Leeds & York

  9. German visitors are most aware of the South, South-West, Scotland and Wales and they thought these places were beautiful, relaxing and peaceful
    – Yorkshire is all these things too

  10. The most common practical barrier to exploring beyond London was transport or access, and driving was a key concern for Germans
    – most of Yorkshire is covered by a comprehensive network of trains and buses

  11. Britain’s heritage and uniquely beautiful countryside were the main reasons given by all tourists who travelled beyond London
    – Yorkshire has both of these in bucketloads

  12. Unique experiences are high on the list of all tourists
    – businesses on the Yorkshire Coast should particularly target the Swiss and Austrians because they are totally landlocked 

Sources include Wikipedia, Foresight Issue 117, 137 by Visit Britain available online, Visit Britain website & Visit York website

Most tourists businesses have no information in German - make yours stand out and attract more custom

Reasons for Choosing PK Marketing
  • Skills and experience in marketing and promoting Yorkshire

  • Passion for, and large geographical knowledge, of Yorkshire

  • Native speaker for translation into German

  • Small business providing the personal touch and able to maintain closer relationships

  • Lower overheads resulting in the most competetive rates

  • Based in convenient location for travelling to all parts of Yorkshire

  • Provide clear communication channels and task documentation

  • Willing to accommodate particularly tight deadlines

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