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Customer Satisfaction & Research

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What do your customers really think of you?

Their views and satisfaction are vital for the growth of your business.

Let us help you find out your customers' views of your service and product by using feedback cards, questionnaires or interviews.

The Major Benefits are:

  • finding out who exactly your customers are (demographics) - informing your marketing decisions 

  • identifying areas for improvement - informing your management decisions

  • discovering how effective your marketing is

  • using the compliments in your publicity 

  • discovering trends of customer satisfaction over a period of time

With 20 years of working in questionnaire design, data collection and information presentation you can trust us to provide a local, professional and reasonably-priced service. You can promote the fact that your customer satisfaction is determined by an independent and unbiased research company.  

We will produce a full report on findings, containing clear graphics to represent sometimes complex figures.

What do your staff think of your company?

Their views and satisfaction are as important as your clients. A contented workforce affects improves your customer's experience and ultimately can improve profit levels. Anonymous surveys or interviews can be used with confidentiality assured at all times. 

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